The agings in cinema
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When I entered the hall there was no anyone. Except them. They loved movie soo much. And to watch the movie too. Therefore, they chosen this work. One of them was uncle Vidadi and the other was aunt Aida. And my name is Aykan. It was the first time that I went to cinema. I knew that, lots of people don't go to the cinema. But I didn't imagine like that. After movie I approached to that old husband - wife, who I could know their names then. Uncle Vidadi busy to present the movies. And aunt Aida is a maid. She sweeps the popcorns from the floor after the sessions. I asked them:

-Uncle, here is the empty every time like this?

It seems that question influenced him badly. To my mind, my question offended him.

-Yes. This is the same as you see for some years. We present the films but nobody comes. During this week only 3 persons came and you are one of them. Really, that's a pity.

- That was the same in your youth?

- No, dear. At our time there were at least 4 - 5 persons at every session.

He said and he began to spoke with aunt Aida:

- Do you remember, darling, our first coming to the cinema?

- Yeah - she said and she was lost in thoughts...

My question took them to 50 years ago...

Uncle Vidadi spoke about the changes till tomorrow.

- At our time there were 3D, 5D, 7D so and so. But these were not interesting for us. At first time me and my first lover - Aida came to the movie, which that's name was "The story in the Zoo". That was amazing. Except us there were 3 persons in the hall. See, so... Over time, that number reduced as you see. And now there are only two persons: me and Aida. There is no anyone. Nobody comes to the cinema. After the finishing the movie I turned it again and again... And we - me and Aida look the movie. The film, which you looked we have seen four times during this week. Do you imagine?

-I think it would be bothersome, yes?

May be this is boring for others. Anyway this is not good to look every movie during a week again and again. But thanks for Aida, when I am with her I never bore. If she is with me, I will watch the same film for a thousand times. Because she is with me. But if there is a new movie's premiere we watch it at interest.

- And what about your children? Do you have any children? Why they don't come and watch the movie?

- We have 3 children, dear, 2 sons and a daughter. All are art people. One of our sons is producer. Another is a writer. And our daughter is a composer and famous piano player. May be you know her, Khadica.

As he said I knew her. Therefore, she is Azerbaijan's famous and honorary piano player. And it is impossible not to recognize her.

Then he continued to his words:

Our children come here rarely. They go to the trips because of their works. But when they arrive in Baku, they come here at every time. We sit and watch movie together. May be it is funny, but I think it is the best thing in the world for me. To watch the film with my family is very, very interesting for me and also for Aida.

-Do you busy for this work from the beginning?

-No, son. I was TV presenter. May be, your parents know me. I had some programs. Aida also worked with me. But now we aging and we don't hand over that job. At those times every time we planned our aging and we were thinking about that we would do our best work and best resting too. Now we do our work and we enjoy it. This is our plan from that time and now we are here...

The film was not interesting for me as those olds' love. If I didn't recognize them I wouldn't go to the cinema again. After that time I began to go to the cinema rapidly. But now I didn't be alone. My friends also came with me. They took their familiars. And it continued like that. After a month later the first hall was full and it was difficult to find an empty place. Of course, the reason was uncle Vidadi and aunt Aida. They were the instigators. And I was the first to spoke and to admire to them. That admiring made me to take my familiars to the cinema, exactly. Now everything is very interesting. First hall is full at every time and everybody stands in a queue to buy a ticket for a movie, which it will be presented after 3 days. But that's a pity that other halls are still empty. Other cinemas also. Because, uncle Vidadi, aunt Aida and their love are one...


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